Amanda and Ebony

My horse, Ebony, is the mare that no one wanted to ride: the bad attitude, fussy, ears- pinned, mean mare. Attempts to correct or cue Ebony under saddle would escalate into frustrating battles that rendered her tense and nervous, which in turn made me tense and nervous. My main ride at the time was Sonny Boy, my husband’s ex-rodeo horse that did everything with passion and heart. He was seasoned and made every ride effortlessly thrilling and fun. Ebony was not seasoned; I had never had to “teach” a horse what I wanted or needed before. Riding her was not fun; it was exhausting and embarrassing. I had even contemplated selling her or just finding her a good home. But she was surefooted on the trail and had won ribbons in English flat classes; perhaps she deserved a second chance.

Kaylon, Cathy, Shane had crossed our path a more than a few times at trail rides and outings. Kaylon and her family suggested that I bring Ebony to a horsemanship clinic. That two-day November clinic was truly the turning point in the relationship with my mare. KnP didn’t “fix” my horse for me. KnP taught me exercises and methods that I could use on my own to help teach my mare. I was given the education and tools I needed to better my horsemanship and overcome Ebony’s attitude in a humane, yet results-driven, manner. KnP cheered Ebony and I on when we had successes, helped me set attainable goals and offered encouraging, one-on-one instruction if we were having an issue. It was very empowering experience.

Perhaps the most beneficial outcome of the clinic was the advice I received on the sidelines. Kaylon and Cathy suggested I take a holistic approach to our training, and seek out an osteopathic exam for Ebony. Kaylon even attended the exam with me for support, free of charge. The specialist found explanations for Ebony’s mare-ish behavior that any amount of training would have never fixed. She was acting out because she was in pain. Without KnP’s suggestion, Ebony’s internal problems would have gone unchecked. This shows Kaylon and her family didn’t just care about the money from training, but about the welfare and health of my horse.

We returned for a Desensitization Clinic and a ranch ride in the spring. I learned valuable lessons in timing, release, relaxing and projecting a confident, calm attitude. The more I worked with Ebony at home, I discovered that once you have earned her respect, she is a quick leaner that tries very, very hard to please you.

We have been riding away from home nearly every weekend this summer, and our time at home is more meaningful. With each ride, we build on our successes and I can feel that we are creating a meaningful bond, a true partnership. We cross water together, push cows, encounter beautiful wildlife without spooks, and are able to confidently traverse all kinds of terrain and have lots of fun diverting from the beaten path to ride through the more challenging natural obstacles. When a problem arises, I have the tools to help bring Ebony back to a safe place or help her focus quickly and calmly in a way that makes us look and feel knowledgeable and confident.

As an aside, Cathy and Kaylon were pillars of support in making the decision to take my gelding, Sonny Boy, out of shoes after we moved away from San Antonio (and our farrier). That is a tough decision to make for a beloved animal that has spent 20 years in iron! They helped me find a specialist who set Sonny up for success, and Cathy helped me polish my methods at home with personal, thoughtful instruction.

We are returning to a clinic in the fall, and I am looking forward to learning how to further improve my horsemanship. Although sometimes opinionated, my “mean mare” is no more. She is my partner and I truly enjoy riding her and building our skills together. I am so happy that KnP helped me give us both a second chance at horse happiness.

Jeanie and Abagail

I thoroughly enjoyed your horsemanship clinic 25-26 October (2014), and I want to sincerely thank you and Cathy and Shane for providing so much one-on-one attention to the participants. I know you have a lot on your plate, and really appreciate your efforts to continue with the clinics as long as you can.

I want to extend an additional personal thank you to Cathy. She took a lot of her time to help me with my bay mare, Abigail. She is very herd bound, and I try to take her off of our property whenever I have a chance. Abby has always tossed her head when ridden, and I’ve never known if it was because of her tack or just attitude. I’ve tried different bits on her and have even tried riding her with a bitless bridle. I’ve never known which bit was correct for her. I think Cathy went through four or five bits, using some of her own tack, and later some of ours. On Sunday, I brought several of our bits out for Cathy to look at. Just the fact that she took the extra time and effort to help me find the right bit for Abigail said tons of how caring she is. All three of you were very patient with me, trying to help me get my hands down and out of Abby’s mouth. I didn’t realize I was handling her so badly. Thank you so much for bringing all of those details to my attention. That’s what I’ve needed for a long time.

All three of you project a sincere concern for the participants, a concern for us to learn so that we can all truly enjoy our horses.

Tracee and Fancee

I highly recommend KnP Training. No matter your skill level or your horse’s level of training; KnP will take you to the next level, help you develop a relationship with your horse and find the job that you and your horse were meant to do together. Their unique approach to training is unparalleled –working with you and your horse together, you are in the saddle!

I had lost my confidence as a rider, and I had two maturing, green-broke Arabs that needed a job. I’ve been meeting with Kaylon weekly for 18 months, and I attend the KnP clinics. Now, my horses and I are going places and doing things I never thought possible — showing in competitive trail and local open shows.

Kaylon has helped me take a green broke, very opinionated mare to a collected, responsive and very nice horse to ride and compete on. Her innovative lesson plans help me develop my riding skills and train my horse. The best part is that I can say I did it myself!

KnP does not have a “canned” program that you have to follow step by step. From ground work to advanced techniques, Kaylon works with you to identify your “holes and goals.” She assesses your skill level as a rider and your horse’s level of training and develops a training plan, then modifies it as needed to ensure success.

What sets KnP apart is their caring approach. They are genuinely concerned with your horse’s health and well-being and provide expert horse care advice. They are along for the ride, and will ride beside you as you try new challenges.

My only regret is that I didn’t find KnP sooner. 

Kris and Dually

Thank You KnP Training for another great Horsemanship Clinic. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished rider you and your horse will benefit from Kaylon’s clinics.  Instructions are broken down into easy to understand steps that will help strengthen your weakness build confidence and help expand your abilities.  With three instructors you are guaranteed a little TLC of one-on-one instruction if needed.

You will leave with the tools and confidence to broaden your horsemanship skills that helps you build a positive relationship with your equine partner, making your horse more enjoyable and dependable.  Instructors and participants are always friendly, fun and motivating. Come join the fun and meet some great people.

Glenda and Sugar

I am a member of Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society and have 4 foster horses. Often when we receive the foster horses, they are starved, abused, and seldom handled. One of my objectives is to get them back to good health and teach them they can trust again.  Obviously, the better trained a horse is the more adoptable and stands a better chance at finding a “forever home”.

I had a chance to work with Kaylon at a clinic in San Marcos in November. Though a series of minor misfortunes prevented me from participating on Sunday, what I learned on Saturday will help me work with my current fosters and future fosters. All the trainer  were courteous and helpful. If they saw me or any of the other participants having difficulty with a particular lesson, they would give us one-on-one attention until we “got it”. I came into horses late. I didn’t get my first horse until 12 years ago when I was 60 years old…so I definitely had a lot to learn. Thankfully, with the help of Kaylon and her crew, I came away with a lot of usable information.

Ulrike – Kinsbury, TX

I came to KnP Training after trying 3 other places. Although I always likes and admired horses, I was also extremely afraid of them. Kaylon helped me tremendously to overcome this huge barrier, she is very talented and flexible in many areas. She has a unique and special way in guiding you to gain confidence and becoming a capable rider. I am now happily trotting on her beautiful horse Charlie and am now making plans for my own horse. I highly recommend KnP Training for beginners and also seasoned horse people because you can always learn more with Kaylon.

Cindy – New Braunsfels, TX

When my horse first came to me as a 2 year old (Arabian), he accepted a halter and was fairly easy to lead. We were both newbies.. I read books and he tried to figure out what I wanted him to do. Then all of the sudden he wouldn’t let me halter him and seemed afraid of me. I had never hit him, and was trying a ‘natural’ approach, but suddenly nothing worked. I knew I needed a trainer, but didn’t want to send him off somewhere. I wanted to be involved in his training, and I wanted a gentle, natural approach. Then we found Kaylon! She was the answer to everything! She brought us from fear of even haltering in January, to a horse that accepted a rider (with no bucking!) in August. He trailer loads, accepts a hose for a bath, is gentle enough to be around my 2 year old granddaughter, and is just a pleasure to be with. I give all the credit to Kaylon. She says I have a smart horse. So, ok, the horse is smart, but the trainer is a genius and a ‘natural’ as well.

Barbara – Cibolo, TX

I have a 13 year old quarter horse appendix named Waves Goodbye. I am an experienced rider but needed some help with Waves when I first purchased her. Kaylon has proven to be the finest trainer I have ever used. I have used trainers before but none have been as patient and hands on as Kaylon. She is always interested in my needs for Waves and genuinely cares about our goals. She is passionate about teaching my horse and I. She brings fresh and new ideas to the lesson each and every time. Kaylon is very knowledgeable in all aspects of horse training and safety. I would highly recommend Kaylon for all horsemanship needs. I am confident Kaylon will be our trainer for years to come. As a side note just wanted to say that when Waves was very ill Kaylon was there for both of us with her care and concern. It’s these characteristics that make Kaylon a trainer second to none.

Mida – Cibolo, TX

I have an 8 year old Paint/Arab horse named Bert. I had never ridden a horse till 6 months ago. I decided to purchase my own horse and most definitely needed some help. Horseback riding had always been a fear for me and at 52 years of age I decided to overcome this. I must say that I am not there yet but with the help of Kaylon my goal is in sight. She has not only taught me about horsemanship but perhaps even more importantly about the philosophy of horse ownership. She has been extremely patient and understanding of my fears and has taken the time to explain how to overcome them. She helps build my confidence with each and every lesson. She walks along side my horse and I during the whole lesson helping us get through each and every trial. She gently pushes Bert and I to excel and challenges us to things we never thought we could do. Someday soon Bert and I will be as one and it will be due to the guidance and teaching of Kaylon.

Robin and Gold Leo “Reed”

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Fall Clinic in Seguin. I learned so much but what I am most excited about is that you all gave me the knowledge and tools to be able to continue working with my horse “Reed” at home. Knowledge is empowering and builds confidence in the rider and their equine partner. Your clinic has given me that confidence that I needed thus my relationship with my horse has improved far more than I ever expected. Please let me know when you will have another clinic. Reed and I will be there. Thanks again!

Stephanie and Hope

I just returned from a wonderful 2 day clinic with Kaylon! The instructors were very knowledgeable and easy to understand. They made difficult tasks look simple and broke the steps down to terms that my horse and I could understand. By the second day we were doing pivots and even a flying lead change! There was so much information shared and so much time in the saddle. The groundwork done was effective and worthwhile. It was a great experience & I highly recommend the clinic. I feel much more confident in my riding ability thanks to KnP.

Gloria – San Antonio

I enjoyed the clinic so much I want to be invited to the next one! You taught me and the horse to lunge in 10 minutes after I’ve tried several times over the last 4 years, unsuccessfully. I gained so much confidence after the trotting and loping exercises. I really trust my horse now and know not to let him get away with disrespect. I’ve been able to get him to take the bridle more easily and to stand still for mounting, too. You and your parents really know horses!
Thank you also for the attention you gave my daughter, Catie. I almost left her home, but am so glad she came with me. It was just the best weekend I’ve had in a long time!

Julie (age 12) and Buddy – Seguin

Thank you so so so much for all the hard work you put into me and Buddy. We are doing great with the training and he now lunges great both ways. We will keep on working on everything you told us.

Jessica with Paris and Heather – Austin

When I bought my 2 two year old mares I had no clue were to start. I have had some knowledge in riding but none in training. I hadn’t thought about or was looking for a trainer when I found an ad online. It was the ad for KnP Training so I thought right then and there might as well give it a shot. Ever since then I am so happy with my decision with asking Kaylon to help me. She has made a huge difference in the relationship between the girls and I. Both of my girls had some ground training when I bought them but neither of them had been ridden. But with in 4 months Kaylon had gotten us to the point of riding. I had no doubt in my mind that my girls would hurt me but not anymore and that’s all because Kaylon had gotten us on such a mental connection.

Karen and Cisco – Goliad

Cisco and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your time and expertise at your clinic.  It was money and time well spent.  I almost wish it could have been a 3-day clinic, but I’m not so sure if my “seat” could have handled it.  I am just now getting to where I don’t moan when I get up.  Guess that’s a sign that I need to take advantage of this nice weather and start riding more!  You and your parents are wonderful horsemen/women, and have truly inspired me to keep learning the right ways to benefit myself and my horses.  Thanks again and I look forward to riding the trail with you and your parents.

Friederike – Killeen, TX

I rescued my horse Big Boy about 2 years ago. He was skin and bones and obviously abused. He went from a quiet and timid horse into an assertive, strong-minded, 17.2 hand alpha dominator. My daughter took riding lessons on him and his behavior became gradually worse. He would work for a while and when he decided he did not feel like it anymore, he would start backing up and hopping and refused to work. The trainer told me he was aggressive and she could not work with him. I did not know what to do. I lost my confidence when I got bucked of a horse a few years ago and ended up in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. I had been to many famous clinics in the past, bought DVD’s, and tried numerous techniques, without any real improvements. In March, I went to a clinic with Kaylon and her parents, and I was in awe. They were really concerned about my problems and they answered my questions in a way I could understand. They did not talk down to me and most of all they gave me hope. Kaylon was finally able to come to my place. I have never learned so much in one day. We worked with Big Boy on the ground in the morning. She showed me what to do and then watched me do it. In the afternoon she rode Big Boy. She was explaining what she was doing and thinking. She had to work to make him act up and she figured out why he did it. I have seen great improvements already with Big Boy in his attitude and willingness to accept me as the head of the herd. Also, I had already made up my mind, that I was not going to get on him the day before, but when she asked me to I was mentally ready and not afraid anymore. Kaylon has given me back what I thought I had lost forever. I am able to connect with Big Boy in a way I could not before and am able and confident enough to put into practice the techniques which she showed me. I wish we would live closer and she could come out more often. Thank you so much for your kindness, your understanding, and your patience.

Hal – Taylor, TX

I am a new horse owner and novice in the saddle. My farrier has been teaching me to ride but I wanted to go to a clinic where I would meet other riders and learn from their questions also. I attended KnP’s Horsemanship/Western Riding Clinic in April of 2011. Best money I have spent on my horse so far. The clinic lasted 2 days and was just what I needed, the basics. We did work on the ground and in the saddle. Kaylon and her assistants are always watching and move from student to student giving the much needed personal attention that beginners need. I was also having a very difficult time loading my horse in the trailer; my farrier actually had to come over to my place and get him loaded for me so that I could attend the clinic. Kaylon and one of her assistants worked with my horse at the end of the first day and got him going in and out of the trailer with ease. At the end of the second day my horse went right in without hesitation. Trailer loading was really not part of the clinic but Kaylon went the extra mile to help me. If you are interested in building a better relationship with your horse and becoming a better rider then you should most definitely sign up for one of Kaylon’s clinics, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you Kaylon.

Randy and Kris – Kinsbury, TX

Kris and I would both like to let you know how much we enjoyed your class. As you quickly learned, I had a horse that was smarter than I am, and Kris is a good rider, but her horse has a thing or two to learn. Your instructions, although general enough for all of the riders in the class, were also individualized for each rider and horse. With Cathy and Shane’s assistance, it was almost like having a full time personal instructor all day Saturday and Sunday. We took home many things to work on. Hopefully, if we have prgressed far enough by then, we look forward to attending your fall class for intermediates to advanced riders. It was a pleasure meeting and spending time with you, Cathy, and Shane.

Marlyss – Lockhart, TX

I just wanted to thank you so much for the fun class November 6 & 7. I had debated whether or not I wanted to spend the money.  After going to the clinic I didn’t have any regrets.  It was so well spent for what Trixie and I learned.  There was so much valuable information and learning tools.  It was also a lot of fun. We covered so many helpful that I can now take home and work on Trixie with. I was very impressed with their teaching.  They were thorough and took their time explaining and showing the exercises.  They were patient and never made you feel stupid.  They also complimented and praised, but also took the time to show you and work with you until you got it right.  I can’t say enough good things about the training.  Trixie and I both had fun, and I even see a huge difference.  We will work on what we have learned and I look forward to attending the advanced class.