KnP Training and Lessons is a family-owned business with 3 generations worth of experience in horse training. The trainers at KnP specialize in helping everyday horse owners overcome their riding and horsemanship obstacles to achieve their horsemanship dreams using patience and understanding. KnP is primarily a mobile training and coaching service but also offers in house training, riding lessons, and clinics throughout the year.

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Upcoming Events

Horsemanship Clinic
Gonzales, Texas
October 1-2, 2022

Start a solid training foundation or polish up your already broke horse. This two day clinic is the next step to improving your equine relationship and you and your horse‚Äôs current skill set. Learn; timing, body control, consistency, and softness at all gaits through patterns and exercises. Topics include; groundwork for respect, gaining control of the shoulders and hindquarter, neck reining, proper cuing (leg cues), stops, side pass, establishing WILLING forward motion, training techniques for common bad habits, and leads. This straight forward clinic gives riders plenty of “homework” to expand on . And as always each clinic is 100% unique (each event we offer some new information, exercises, etc) and personalized to the riders who attend.

Advanced Horsemanship Clinic
Gonzales, Texas
Oct 22-23, 2022

Take your horsemanship to the next level. This clinic focuses on refining ; timing, body control, consistency, and softness at all gaits through patterns and exercises. Topics include; groundwork for respect, finishing exercises, two tracking, side passing, yielding the quarters, collection, speed control, rollbacks, pivots, and much more. Every clinic is limited to 15 riders and 3 instructors and is tailored to the needs of those who attend. Great for anyone interested in western dressage, western riding, trail, competitive trail riding, western horsemanship, or those looking for body control in speed events. Riders must be comfortable at the walk, trot, and canter.

Teamwork and Communication with Obstacles
Gonzales, Texas
November 5-6, 2022

Learn how to reduce anxiety and open a dialogue with your horse. In this clinic you will learn how to successfully introduce your horse to various obstacles and or recover your horse’s confidence and control when things go south. Learn how read your horse’s body language and how to set your horse up to for success with common trail elements and challenges. Anxiousness, rushing, anticipation, bracing, not standing still, etc this clinic addresses most common obstacle issues and is personalized to those who attend.

Clinic Pricing
Riders/Participants: $250 per person ($75 deposit to register)
Audit: $20 per person, per day
We accept payments through PayPal (please note the clinic you are registering for) and can be reached on Facebook or by phone at 361-648-1055 if you have any questions.

You can visit our frequently asked questions page for clinic details.